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Power of Ten

10 OHS (Overhead Squats) 65 lb Barbell or 30 lb Dumbbells each hand
5 – each side – One Arm Barbell Press 45 lbs
(or start with curl bar, then try weight on one side, then go to 45 lb bar)
10 – each side – Virtual Shoveling 105 lbs
10 Military push ups after each exercise
10 – each side – Dumbbell Toss (Hoorahs)
10 Kettlebell  Squats
10 – each side –  Kettlebell BUP (Bottom Up Press)
10 – each side – 1 Leg Kettlebell Dips
10 – each side – Dumbbell Seesaw Press
10 – each side – Bent Over One Leg Flys
10 – each side – Cheerleaders
10 – each side – One Leg, One Arm Dumbbell Curls
Tabata Intervals
MB pass/sprawls
(2 people or more. Pass a medicine ball, then sprawl and stand up before the ball returns to you)
Bear stairs  
(Walk head first – Bear Walk – down 5 flights of stairs) 
This website is for recreational use only. Kemme Fitness is merely the title of the blog run by Pete Kemme. Pete Kemme is not a licensed physical therapist or physician and has no certifications related to fitness. See either a physician or physical therapist prior to doing any exercise. None of the material on this blog is a recommendation. Pete Kemme is simply sharing what he does and has learned about fitness. If you perform any of the exercises listed on this blog, you are doing so at your own risk.

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