Lucky seven

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NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell, Pull-up Bar CIRCUIT #1:7 Slaloms7 Kettlebell Swings7 - each side- Brazilian CrunchesX7 CIRCUIT #230 seconds eachMountain ClimbersKettlebell Cossack SquatsFront PlankKettlebell 1 Arm SwingsSplit Squat JumpsRowboatsBear Walk CIRCUIT #37 Knees to…

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Runnin’ and Clubbin’

A guest workout by Seth Crooks NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Clubbell, Pull-up Bar, and either the outdoors or treadmill CIRCUIT #11/4 mile run 15 Push-ups 5 Pull-upsx4 CIRCUIT #2 5 - each side - Clubbell Inside Pendulums 5 -…

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Six Pack

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Pull-up Bar (only 2 exercises to replace if you don't have a Pull-up bar). Note: A warm up is built into the first circuit of this Functional Fitness…

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High Five

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In the tradition of Triple Play and 4 wheel drive, we bring you High Five. Note: a warm-up (circuit #1) is built into this workout. NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Kettlebell, Pull-up Bar CIRCUIT…

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Unbroken – Physioball & Pull-up Bar

I believe Crossfit coined the workout term "unbroken," but this Functional Fitness version should still do the trick. NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Physioball, Pull-up Bar RULES:-do each exercise 1 rep for the first round-increase reps each…

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