Physioball Challenge

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Physioball CIRCUIT #11 minute each exercisePhysioball BridgePhysioball BalanceX2 CIRCUIT #210 PB Russian Twist10 PB Push-ups (feet on ball)10 PB Lateral Roll10 PB DipsX2 CIRCUIT #332, 16, 8 repsPB Mountain ClimbersPB…

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Crazy 8s

A guest workout by Seth Crooks NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Pull-up Bar CIRCUIT #18 Pull-ups8 Push-ups8 V-Sit Twists8 Knees to Elbows8 Split Squat Jumps8 Mountain Climbers8 Air Squats8 Toes to BarX8

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Sandbags and some stairs

WARNING: This is an extremely intense Functional Fitness workout - your calves will be burning NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Sandbags (20 & 50 pounds) and stairs CIRCUIT #121, 15, 9 repsSlalomsAir SquatsPush-ups CIRCUIT #2-Start at…

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Dumbbell 600

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  A dumbbell. I used 20 lbs NOTE:  The video for Barbarian Squats uses a Clubbell. Simply replace that with the dumbbell and hold the dumbbell with both hands…

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