Gymboss Interval Timer Review


“The GYMBOSS is a small, easy to use, repeating interval timer. This multi-use timer has many versatile functions that make it beneficial to virtually any type of exercise program.”


That is the advertisement off the main page at I was definitely intrigued after looking at their website, with links to Crossfit and HIIT, among other Functional Fitness programs. They seemed to be in line with our philosophy, and I’ll even forgive them for catering to body builders.  I have to agree with the advertisement in that the Gymboss is quite useful for interval training, such as we do here at Kemme Fitness.  My team and I tested it out over a couple workouts and were especially pleased with the double interval timer, which allowed us to set periods of work and rest that repeated for a complete circuit. After the end of a circuit, it did not take me long to readjust the settings for the next circuit and number of rounds. It kept us from taking turns watching the clock.

Here is how the timer works. You can set the alarm to vibrate, low beep, high beep, vibrate & low beep, or vibrate & high beep. The high beep was plenty loud enough for a group of seven of us (who were spread out in the fitness room) to hear it over the loud music. I like that there are only 3 buttons, because that keeps it simple. You can go through and change the interval times, whether you want single or double intervals, the number of rounds, the type of alarm, and the length of the alarm in a matter of seconds.  I posted 2 workouts below that we used this week for the review and included a video. For one of circuits, I only used the single interval timer option to mark the 30 seconds for switching through the 5 exercises in the circuit. We rested and I hit Start again to do the circuit a second time. Easy as that. In other circuits I wanted rest periods of 10 or 15 seconds included, so I  set the timer for 20 or 30 seconds of work, then the rest period of 10 or 15 seconds. I could then make that into 6 repititions to complete the circuit. That is where the versatility comes in. 

In the image above you can see the settings. The “V” stands for vibrate only. It shows the 1 interval setting with the timed interval being 1 minute & 30 seconds (upper right). If you had it on double interval, there would be another set of timer numbers below it. The bottom left shows that the interval (or 2 intervals if used) repeats for a total of 20 times. Next to that shows that the alarm is going to sound for 1 second.  Again, once you get used to the buttons (similar to figuring out a new wrist watch) then you can easily change your settings for different circuits. 

I even field tested it for durability. It is very light and the hard rubbery style plastic coating is very resilient. I know this because after making the video below, I slammed my Gymboss around on various floorings with no damage.  I know, most people don’t slam around their timers, but hey, I wanted a complete review. Plus, you never know when you are doing burpees and the timer could fly off and land on the cement. Although that would also be unlikely since the clip on it is extremely tight, another feature I found helpful. Don’t forget it comes in 4 colors.

I highly recommend the Gymboss for any Functional Fitness program.


Here are the two workouts we used:

CORE #18
20 Push-ups (Off-set or Spiderman )             
20 Squat Jumps 
10 – each side – 1 arm 1 leg rows (dumbbells)
10 – each side – Walking Lunges (20 lb dumbbell)
10 Pull-ups (any type)
10 – each side – Cable Lifting (80 lbs) 
30 seconds each station  
Medicine ball Thrusters
Clean Thrusters (dumbbells)
Lower Russian Twists
Upper Russian Twists (25 lb plate)
Nose to Ground hold
30 seconds each station
Wall Sit
Mountain Climbers
Physioball Lateral Rolls
Side Pillar Bridge (alternate sides)
Kettlebell Swings                                                   
Alligator Walk
All together (many rounds as we can do as fast as possible)
5 Push ups (Psycho or Spiderman)                          
6 Dips
7 Burpees                                                     
8 Bench or chair jumps
9 Air Squats
20 seconds each side
Virtual Shoveling
Kettlebell Uppercuts
1 Arm 1 Leg Row (dumbbell)
1 Arm Suspended Press (dumbbell or kettlebell)
Kettlebell Clean and Press
30 seconds each exercise
10 second transition time
2 person wipers
Medicine Ball V-sit Pass
Medicine Ball Sprawl Pass
1 Arm Thrusters (dumbbell or Medicine Ball) (extra team members)
(rest however long needed between rounds)
30 seconds each exercise
15 seconds rest
Uneven Push-ups
Side Pillar Bridge (left side)
Air Squats
Side Pillar Bridge (right side)
(rest however long needed between rounds)


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