You want Functional Fitness workouts and have no equipment at all?

I drank the Crossfit/Gymjones Kool-aid at first – I admit it. 

And even though I’ve moved in a different direction, I still won’t say there is anything wrong with either. However, I see a need out there, both in this country and abroad.  This need arises out of the hard times financially we are going through. I also see a need for Functional Fitness programs using bodyweight and lighter equipment for the millions of overweight folks we now have, especially here in the United States. There are many who just are not fit enough to attack a serious Crossfit workout. We still need Crossfit to “forge elite fitness,” but what about the rest of the folks out there?

So the need I see is a need for a cheap way to get a Functional Fitness workout without having to invest in tons of expensive equipment or gym fees.

The direction Kemme Fitness has taken this last year and a half is a direct response to that need. And yes, I will continue to move in this direction as I see this need is ever so great.

If you haven’t seen it already, just look at the menu on the right side of your screen under “workouts” and go to the At-Home or Beginner pages. Under those pages, you will find hundreds of workouts, with many of these using either no equipment, or just one or two pieces.

If you spring for an $8 Physioball, you can download K-Basic and have a complete 12 week program to get your core in shape for the harder programs.  K-Fit and K-Challenge only require a Pull-up Bar, Medicine Ball, Physioball, and Kettlebell.

Because of my current bootcamps, I am adding more and more workouts to be done in groups, which is a great way to work out.  The bootcamps are either bodyweight only, or utilize a piece or two of equipment also, so check them out for fun with friends. Check out the Backyard Workout video for some even more creative ideas!

In any case, there are no excuses to have a Functional Fitness program. For goodness sakes, this website is free, so what are you waiting for?!

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