Why is it folks who leave comments on Youtube are more negative than anywhere else?

I have many places where people can leave or make comments concerning the FREE  resources here at Kemme Fitness.  I have email, Facebook, Twitter, the posts themselves here on the website, and of course my Youtube channel where I upload all my exercise video links. Yet for some reason, the only place out of all of those I have to screen out is the Youtube channel. Hmmm.


By the way, I put the word “free” in capitals because it really irks me that even with sharing stuff for free, I get snotty comments.

I’m not talking about disagreement with my opinions. Those are always welcome and I have yet to get anybody challenge me disrespectfully or with malice. In fact, these challenges are needed to keep me from getting all too “high and mighty” on Functional Fitness or to be slamming down other forms of fitness and exercise. So, please keep those coming and keep me in line.

No, I’m talking about simple impertinent remarks that either slam the music choice, the clothes I’m wearing, the name I chose for the exercise, etc.  I’ve even received derogatory remarks that have nothing to do with the video at all, as if a teenager is just going from Youtube site to Youtube site making rude and offhand statements to get a reaction.


Has anybody else had this problem?  Why is it just on Youtube?  Is it because of who uses Youtube versus the more select audience visiting fitness sites?

I have a thick skin so I’m not worried about these remarks specifically.  It just strikes me odd they only come on my Youtube channel. Maybe it is teenagers. Maybe there are too many young folks tooling around Youtube with nothing better to do and are engaging in the same type of behavior we did as kids when we made prank phones calls (I was never that good at it though).

I don’t know. Thoughts anyone?

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  1. Yetta

    Sad but True… negativity lies out there everywhere. I responded because I asked myself the same question this weekend while looking up “healthy cooking/fitness” info. Some of the responses was utterly ridiculous and completely uncalled for. The number of people who appreciate outweigh the haters. As long as you are happy with you and sleep well at night… continue doing what you love… it is appreciated!

  2. Kemme Fitness

    yeah, I can for the most part handle it. I just tell myself it is teenagers being silly, but it does wear on you when you think you are doing something good for people.

    The reason for the post wasn’t out of my frustration as much as it was about the strangeness of the comments only showing up on Youtube and not anywhere else. In fact, I don’t get any comments on youtube except the negative ones I have to remove. The only other comment I got was somebody said I look like James Bond in one of my videos! That was cool 🙂

  3. Greg Torres

    I find that you tube has some of the most hateful and immature comments out there. I think this is in large part due to the breadth of its offerings. As you were speculating, in other settings, such as forums and various social media sites, you have a pre-filtered following who are more likely to be like-minded. Also, you tube has intelligent content and some that is not so intelligent. Likewise with the commentators. Keep up the good work and ignore the idiots.

  4. Kemme Fitness

    Thanks Greg, I appreciate the words of encouragement. Why these folks watch an exercise video then is beyond me. Perhaps they are bored and ignorant? 🙂

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