Where to begin with Kemme Fitness

If you are completely new to the website and feelĀ it is overwhelming with material, then simply download the User Guide by clicking here. By the time you finish reading the easy-to-read guide, you will be up to speed on what we offer here, where to begin, and how to understand the workouts/exercises.

Once you understand how to read the workouts, you obviously can start sifting through the archived workour for the gym, beginners, or at home. There are quite a number of archived beginner workouts to choose from, or if you are already in good shape, take a stab at the other pages.

If you have no idea what we mean by Functional Fitness, make sure you check out our free ebook, Functional Fitness Defined.

To make things easier, I have created 4 12 week programs. Click here to get to the right page. To help you choose which program, I’ll give a quick summary. If you are quite overweight or not been exercising for a long time, you might want to start with K-Basic, which will develop your core and slowly get you into Functional Fitness workouts. Most average folks can begin with K-Fit. Once you finish K-Fit, you can go right into K-Challenge to get totally ripped! Both K-Fit and K-Challenge use the same 4 pieces of equipment (Kettlebell, Physioball, Medicine Ball, and Pull-up Bar). Don’t forget to download The Low Cost Gym for instructions on making your own equipment and saving money.

K-Element is for the lucky few who have a Slosh Tube and a Clubbell to go along with a Pull-up Bar and Medicine Ball. All 4 of those pieces of equipment can be homemade.

And hopefully soon we will be adding K-Bootcamp to be used by trainers or for you to try out with your friends.

Don’t forget to sift through the hundreds of posts we have for more ramblings from me about things ranging from Urban Runs, to setting fitness goals, to losing weight with Functional Fitness.

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