We need volunteers to Beta test the upcoming K-Fit app for the Blackberry Playbook

I have the pleasure of knowing one of the masterless Samurai-level skilled programmers at Angry Ronin. And he attacked the task of creating an app for Kemme Fitness programs. The first app will be for K-Fit, one of our most popular 12 week Functional Fitness programs.
If you or somebody you know has a Blackberry Playbook, please click here to go to Angry Ronin’s post with directions on how to get your app to test K-Fit. Angry Ronin has also provided a FAQ page to help those new to Kemme Fitness, so feel free to share this with those with a Playbook, even if they aren’t a Kemme Fitness expert.
We are also trying to determine the interest we would have in testing out the K-Fit app on the ipad. If you are interested in the idea of testing out (for free) the K-Fit app on your ipad, please email Shane at swickson@angryronin.com.
This is an exciting app, which will have all you are used to on Kemme Fitness programs, but with added features such as a calendar which keeps track of your workouts for you, among other things. The app runs all the timing for you and will link to exercise videos just like the website. Imagine, you no longer have to prepare for a workout. Just start the app and let it run the entire workout for you. Click on an exercise and the workout will pause while you refresh your memory on how to do a particular exercise.
The best news yet, is after the K-Fit app is up and running, Angry Ronin is planning on offering our other 12 week programs in an app. All this interest in the 12 week programs has got me thinking…hmmm..maybe a bootcamp 12 week program….or….hmmm….maybe even a 12 week program for bodyweight only (yeah there will be tons of animal walks in that one). 

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