Vacation Workout Video

Well in case any of you wondered why I took a week and a half off from posting the other week, it was for a family vacation to Costa Rica. Since I keep this blog concentrated on sharing about Functional Fitness, I’ll save you from the details of my personal family experiences.

One of the videos I made upon my return was a really cool family video. Again, however, I’ll only make my family and coworkers suffer through it.

What I will share is a little video of a vacation-friendly workout. You can link here for the workout post. Now I’ll admit that I did not really exercise on vacation, unless swimming with the kids and drinking Corona’s counts. But one morning I did go down to the shore on the Pacific Ocean and had my 9 year old film me doing some of the exercises off to the edge near the rocks.

Click here to see the video, or check out my new Video page for all the video links. Maybe it will motivate you on your vacation to do something (it won’t take much to do more than I did). Or maybe, if you live in a place like we do here in Michigan,  you’ll just enjoy the footage of someplace warm  Yes we returned to a snow storm!

Maybe I’ll do a post on ways to stay fit on vacation (I do have a few tips I’ve learned) and how to deal with the Big Return.  I call it that when you go from 95 degrees to 20 degrees and in the middle of a high powered snow storm, all within 8 hours.

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