Updated Exercise Page – ’bout time I alphabetized it

My dad was looking around my site and was checking out some of the workouts. He mentioned how it was hard to find the videos for the exercises. See, in recent posts, I have been linking to the videos directly from the text in the exercise post itself. However, in the first several months I merely wrote down the name of the exercise. If you didn’t know it, you had to go to the Exercise Page and look it up. 

Unfortunately, those workouts are still like that.  And, as my father pointed out, it can be a pain to find the exercises. I’m glad we have so many exercises to choose from, but scrolling down and finding them is a pain.

So I took his advice and organized them alphabetically. They are still under equipment headings though, so Macebell exercises are separated from Physioball exercises, etc.  I also combined all the bodyweight into one section (except for animal walks).

I hope this will help you navigate the website better to allow for more ease in preparing for your workouts.

Who knows, someday I might just have to add links to every exercise on every post!

Ok, remember life is about balance. Well I’m pretty sure spending 100 hours on the computer is not balancing out my family life very well. So sorry, for now you still have to find your videos on the Exercise Page. But maybe it will be just a touch easier now.

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