thoughts on creating another free 12 week program

To be honest with you I figured I was done with making more 12 week programs – we do have 4 of them.  I even put them all together on a nice image link on the main page – look over to your right. If I did another program, I would have to create a entire new image!

And of course there is the whole “designing and testing out of the program” thing. However, here are my thoughts.  I had created, and am still creating, bootcamp style workouts because I ran the bootcamp briefly this summer and continue to have my friends over on Sundays for a bootcamp workout. Therefore the material is pretty much all there and tested out. All I would have to do is make sure I have 24 workouts field tested and ranked from easier to harder.

My hopes, and the main reason behind this idea, is for trainers everywhere to use my bootcamp program and have ready made 12 week programs they could share. Plus, if other folks can make money off of my ideas, I am thrilled.  Maybe someday I’ll find a way to make money myself!

My good buddy Shane from Angry Ronin could use his mad skills to do an app for the new program as well, so trainers would have it easy. I could make sure all the workouts only need some cones or markers, and Medicine Balls.  Not sure if I would use another piece of equipment or not. Plus folks who aren’t even trainers can just share these with their friends, or I suppose even do them alone if they were in a pinch, although working out in groups is tons more fun.

So those are my thoughts on the matter so far.  Tell me what your thoughts are. Would you share some outdoor workouts with friends?  What would you call the program? What equipment would you want in the program other than cones and Medicine Balls?  What other programs would you like to see?

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  1. Erica

    I would love for you to make another program. I would share with friends but I would
    mainly use it for personal training. You could call it K-Bootcamp and I would call it something along the lines of a Functional Challenge… mabye. Other equipment I would be interested in would be club bells. Just because they are different. I dont know what body types or fitness levels your co-workers are but I would be interested in seeing something that 40-50 year old, overweight people could handle and progress at. But I could them started with k-basic and then kick their asses with some bootcamp stuff after they had progressed. Because I like the more challenging workouts that you have and like to use them on the more fit people that I have.
    As always I appreciate all you share and offer with everyone and I’m sure you could make money on your workouts. I would be willing to pay for them and I’m sure others would too.

    1. Kemme Fitness


      Thanks for the feedback. Maybe K-Fit the app will take off!
      Anyway, I was on the fence about the clubbells. They are relatively easy to make, very cheap, and awesome as far as equipment. It would give more exercises for trainers to use, but there is the investment in making all of them. See, still on the fence.
      I did make the K-Basic workouts actually for three 40-50 years old folks I know. I had most of a 12 week program when I was done, so I just polished it up into K-Basic. You should be good there to start folks out.
      I still feel that sharing everything on this site is the way to go. It just feels right to me. Only God knows what might come out of all of this….maybe just that a bunch of people learn skills to stay healthy and have resources to keep them going!

  2. Harvey

    I didn’t know you were thinking of being paid in money. I thought you liked to be paid in sweat and tears. I’ve paid a lot.

      1. Lawrence

        Sweat, tears, torn muscles, broken bones, sprained limbs, AND BLOOD! Blood has been shed in our pursuit to make Pete virtually rich. In fact, Pete is so rich that he should be taxed more than the rest of us as he’s clearly oppressed us in his march to virtual richness.

        I think you should make a 13 week program. That would bring you good luck along w/ all the cash. You could dedicate a section & call it the junk yard workout – lots of sledge hammers, tires, chains, log stumps, etc. Don’t forget a section that should be called the fighting fit: lots of shadow fighting, bag work, jump rope (need eye of the tiger blasting in the background).

  3. Kemme Fitness

    Lawrence, I can’t believe you left out the entire Zombie apocalypse section! You will never be prepared with that lack of dedication!!

  4. Shane

    Problem is that you write 12 week programs faster than I can write apps for them!

    I think more programs is good, personally. The more the merrier, as long as they are well tested, and you seem to have that down pat.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      Shane, we all know what mad programming skills you have!! Once K-Fit is totally field tested in the Beta testing phase, you are going to crank these out for folks. How’s that for motivation. And yes, I am using my church and friends to totally test out all the bootcamp workouts. Is that bad? 🙂

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