The redesign of Kemme Fitness

I read a recent post from my friend, Jason Robillard, of Barefoot Running University about establishing a brand. The post was called, “building a kick-ass blog by building a kick-ass brand.” He is always more creative on his post titles. 🙂

I have always admired his transition into Barefoot Running University from his…well Jason let’s be honest…hodge podge conglomeration of blogs.

Don’t worry, Jason would be the first to admit this, so I’m not offending our expert barefoot runner.  If I did, I’ll make sure I buy the first round of Oberon the next time we grab burgers and beers.

So I thought about Kemme Fitness. I thought about where I started and where we have gone. When I started I knew a few things. I knew that my workouts were extremely intense. I knew that you didn’t need fancy equipment to obtain Functional Fitness. That is what brought me to the WordPress theme I use for this blog. It is sorta a grunge, urban, edgy, take-no-prisoners theme.

Upon reflection, I realized that Kemme Fitness is not about those things – although we are hard core. This journey within myself and with all of you has evolved. Most of us are not in an underground gym or even a Crossfit-type gym. Some of us have access to a nice fancy one (like me), but gym memberships are incredibly expensive (yes mine is free.  Hee hee hee).

But you, the audience, has spoken to me time and time again. You don’t want to spend tons of money for your workout program. Most of you are doing it at home, and some of you are in countries were apparently the cost to buy materials for homemade equipment is almost too much.

I realize that not all of you are into the more natural barefoot cross training, but there is a majority or you that are looking for more simple ways to achieve Functional Fitness.  More and more people are working out at home and we are not all in densely populated cities. Even if we are, there are parks and nature trails nearby.

So that brings me to how to design a brand. First I knew I needed a logo. When designing a logo, it helps to have important aspects of your company, idea, etc handy for the brainstorming process. I thought about how Kemme Fitness is all about sharing. It is about me sharing with all of you and you all sharing with each other and back to us. That brought me to the double arrow, which represents file sharing.

The blue and green are just awesome colors, but they also represent the natural components of Kemme Fitness. Green is associated with the earth, specifically flora, while the blue is associated with air. The versions of those colors I chose are more calming than other hues, creating a more natural flow. Remember, I am an oil painter!

Currently, I am testing out new themes with WordPress in hopes to find one that will compliment the logo and bring Kemme Fitness into a new era. But before we make this leap into the future, I would love to hear you thoughts so far.

What do you think of the new logo?

For that matter, what do you think about the redefining of what we are about here at Kemme Fitness?

Remember, nothing has really changed other than me taking a closer look at what you all are saying to me.

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  1. Lawrence

    You know Pete, I’m a pretty good artist myself. I’m sure I could’ve drawn something up for you quick. 🙂 I like the logo, makes me feel like I’m coming & going all at once!


  2. Kemme Fitness

    Oh and I can’t wait to share your post with the….ah…advanced drawing skills.

  3. Pat

    I think it’s important to once in a while take a step back and reevaluate where one is standing/heading to. I recently saw an episode of “How I met your mother” and one guy there said that every five he realizes what an idiot he’s been five years ago. When I thought about this I had to say that it was true for me too. So… I kind of forgot what point I wanted to make…

    However, the logo is cool except for the font. I would suggest a “tougher” font, something like the current “kemme fitness” tag and maybe instead of the gray shadow effect take a white outline. It would go nice with the white gradient. Just my two cents 🙂

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