The history of marathons

I’m not sure a history lesson will help you runners out there to start adding a Functional Fitness component to your overall fitness program. You know that I have been trying over and over to help you. I’ve come to terms with your addiction (I’m even having a pull that way with my enjoyment of barefoot running). But I will not give up my quest to help educate and preach to runners to crosstrain and achieve a better functional body.

That is why I made K-Crosstrain last year. It is an 8 week program designed to help runners get into crosstraining. What? You don’t have a copy? Oh man, just click on the link to your right under “Free – Crosstraining for Runners” on that little picture with the words K-Crosstrain on it. Or, click here.

Anyway, back to history. Staff from Everyday Health contacted me recently and let me know about a great post that explains the history behind the marathon. For instance, why is it 26.2 miles?  Since I am a huge history buff, I couldn’t resist.

So click here for a link for a very fun history lesson. There are other great resources on Everyday

Again, you are probably only going to feed your crazy running addiction after reading the link, but enjoy it anyways. Dont’ say I never gave you anything!  Just don’t give up on me. Because I am not giving up on you, even with your crazy running all over the place and not crosstraining attitude.

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