The Barefoot Running Book

It is finally here!

The second addition to Jason Robillard’s book, The Barefoot Running Book, has been released today. Just click on the link to order it from Amazon.

By the way, there is some really cool photos of this intense looking tiny dude on page 60 doing a Tuck Jump. Not to mention my name appears a few times.  Oh yeah, I’m famous.

And don’t forget to check out my complimentary article under the Cross Training section. It is the reason this blog came to be. When Jason asked me to write a little something, I soon realized I had a lot to say about Functional Fitness.  With a little encouragement from him, I began to put my ramblings out there. In fact, I know that the majority of those coming here to get workouts come from his site, The Barefoot Running University. It is good to have friends in high places!

Seriously, Jason is a great teacher and his book is an easy to follow guide for those wanting to avoid injury running, or just looking to have some fun.

Excellent job Jason!  I already read my copy tonight.

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