Making your Homemade Macebell 101

I have a nice little link to make your own Homemade Macebell. Just click here and you can read all about it.  I, myself, followed the directions, but learned something along the way.  Although making a Homemade Macebell is incredibly cheap, I want to make sure you only have to do it one time, so here are some tips.

TIP #1:  Rebar. I had this problem with my first version. When you stick a pole/pipe or whatever you chose into the cement, you have to have some rebar (for lack of a better word). For my wood handle, I put 3 screws in it at various angles to give the cement something to grab onto.

TIP #2:  Wood versus metal.  Metal wins hands down. Just look at some of the Macebell Exercise videos I made on the Exercise Page. You can see the thin wooden rake handle bending with the 19 lb Macebell. One word here – dangerous!  Somebody with as many stitches and only 9 fingers such as myself should not be using something heavy that could possibly snap and come crashing down on himself.

TIP #3:  Weight. This is as important as it is difficult to control. It is incredibly hard to determine ahead of time how much your Homemade Macebell will weigh when your cement dries.  I have a 19 lb Macebell, which is way to heavy for Swings and Grave Diggers. I use my 10 lb Macebell for that.

TIP #4: The previous tip leads us to this one. What do you use to pour your cement into? If you want it round, then of course a SMALL ball would be best. But my split-open medicine ball created way too heavy of a Macebell with the 19 lbs. My friend, Harvey Barker did a pumpkin pail, but his is like 30 lbs or something ridiculous!  

So when you decide to make your Homemade Macebell, spend some time to think about what you are going to make it with. I strongly suggest using a metal pipe and keep the cement ball small enough to get no more than 14 lbs.

If you are a beginner, shoot for a 5 pounder. It is always better to start lighter. And when it only costs a couple of bucks to make a new Homemade Macebell, you can always have more.

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  1. Lawrence

    And don’t forget to wear gloves when you start doing swings w/ the macebell. I got cocky the other day, thought I could get through a wod w/o gloves & bam – missing yet another chunk of flesh on my finger this time. While I HATE wearing glvoes when working out, they do seem to be necessary for swinging a macebell.

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