Kemme Fitness – 20,000 hits and counting

Just a little “yeah me” post. It took about a year to reach 10,0o0 hits on the site. A while ago, which was about 6 months after making that mark, I noticed we reached 20,000 hits.

That means we doubled our hits in half the amont of time!

What does that all mean? I really don’t know other than I am glad to be reaching so many of you and being able to share what I learned. Since at this point, the only thing that I sell is one of the three ebooks (the other two are free), I am not really making any money. But you know what, I don’t care.  That is what my day job is for.

I just want to take a moment and thank all of you who have given me feedback to help make Kemme Fitness a place to go to get useful information and great workouts. 
I have been messing around recently with guest posts. We had a great post recently from Jackie Clark about battling cancer with exercise. And I have been creating a few posts for other websites. The awesomely cool Maple Groove Barefoot Guy posted this post from me on his site recently. I am hoping to get a guest post from him soon, so I’m looking forward to that. Make sure to check out his site, as he has tons of fitness and running advice. I think he even likes to talk more than I do!

What’s next?  I am still working on an actual real book that takes the previous ebooks and the posts from this site to create an easy to read guide. The guide will introduce folks to Functional Fitness and then tips on how to use this website. The hope there is to get the book published and help people to find and use the free resources on the website to have a constant-changing and ever-growing Functional Fitness workout program. So stay tuned.

Feel free to email me at or leave a comment with any tips or suggestions about anything here. And of course you can always contact me with any questions.

Thanks for you support,


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  1. Harnew

    Congrats! Expect to reach 20k in 6 months, myself.

  2. Seth

    Way to go Pete! We have enjoyed your website and hope to keep doing so long iton the future. Yes Marty, the future!!!

  3. Shane

    Awesome Pete! And I believe my density has brought me here. I mean… my destiny.

    You guys do great work here, and good work attracts people. Keep it up and soon you will be an Internet Fitness Mogul. I have no idea what that will mean, but it sounds cool!


  4. Kemme Fitness

    I am thinking Empire. Yep, I like the sound of that 🙂

  5. Seth

    If you reach empire status, I get to wear the Darth Vader suit.

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