Is the Homemade Clubbell better than a Slosh Tube or Physioball?

It wasn’t too long ago – May 14th of 2011 to be exact – when I posted about how versatile the Slosh Tube was. I compared it to the Physioball and wondered if it would become the greatest piece of equipment in our Functional Fitness program.

It was a few months after I had created my first Slosh Tube, named Devon.  I loved the Slosh Tube so much I created many workouts with it. I even took it for a run

The Slosh Tube was so successful we even created the Mini Slosh Tube. We had to create a whole new bunch of exercises on our own since we couldn’t find anybody else who had one like ours.

Now the clubbell (or Indian club) has been around for a long time. It became quite popular in the late 19th and 20th century in Europe. It even made it into the Olympics earlier in the 20th century under gymnastics. They are incredibly expensive, but a Homemade Clubbell is not only cheap, but totally easy to make.

We used one in a few workouts over the last few months. Workouts such as Seth #4.  The other week I added another heavy one (13.5 lbs) and two lighter ones to my tool box.   I hadn’t been using it really, so I created a new workout that utilized only the clubbell. I called the workout (using poor grammar)  just me and my homemade clubbell workout.

It was awesome!

I was not sore at all, and later in the day and over the next few days I felt great. I could tell that my entire core, especially my upper back and shoulders received an excellent workout. The range of motions that are required are perfect for a Functional Fitness program.

The key to the clubbell is to absorb the shock correctly throughout your entire body. This avoids putting strain in undo areas and activates your core. So when done properly, the Homemade Clubbell can be the ultimate core building functional piece of equipment.

At this moment, my clubbell, Jutte, has become my favorite piece of exercise equipment. Yes, I love Jutte more than Carl or Devon or Mini-me!  Don’t worry, there is still a place in my heart (and workout program) for them.

But let me know if you have a clubbell yet. Did you make it?  What color is it?  How much does it weigh?  What do you think of using clubbells?  Just leave a comment.

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  1. alex

    just found this site – brilliant! I made a slosh tube today (4 inch x 3 metre) and was shocked at how hard it was. My plan to take it on a 1 mile walk turned into a 20 yard walk!

    Cant wait to try clubbells!

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