introducing a new page on Kemme Fitness: The bonus circuits


I hope many of you can’t possibly imagine what it means to finish a Functional Fitness workout here at Kemme Fitness and be in state of disappointment. However, to avoid naivity, and if I check my ego, I know it happens all to often.

Sometimes, especially when I’m testing out a new workout, I find we finished way too early and have plenty of energy to keep going – at least for one more circuit. This happens if you are, say at the level of advanced, and find the workout at the beginning of K-Fit to be too easy.

Many folks double the repetitions in the circuits or repeat rounds to help combat this problem. In order to help out, though, I decided to create a BONUS CIRCUIT page where I will cache many new circuits, which are perfect to toss in at the end to finish you off.

So stay tuned as I slowly add them to the mix and enjoy the added punishment!

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