Functional Fitness bootcamp workouts are not just for large groups

If you are an avid reader of Kemme Fitness posts…well first off, I’m sorry you have nothing better to do than listen to me ramble on and on. However, many of my posts are the latest workouts and lately we have added a great deal of “bootcamp” Functional Fitness workouts.  Just click here to see the posts related to bootcamps.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really love the word “bootcamp,” but that is beside the point. Others have made the term popular and I decided that instead of trying to get a new word entered into all of our vocabularies, I might as well use the popular term (plus it will get more hits in search engines – yes I do like increasing traffic to my site).

If you are sick of all the bootcamp talk, don’t worry I live in Michigan. Therefore, it will be too cold soon for outdoor bootcamps and most likely won’t be warm again until like May of next year. Yes, I know this year was a freak exception with it being hot since March and in the 90s/100s for weeks on end.

Anyways, what about you folks out there who don’t work out in groups? Here is a quick link to a post about the benefits of working out in groups to get you thinking.

By the way, I know this post is not the most smoothly written. I just have so much to say at times, that not all of my writing is fluid. Ready to get on topic?  Ok, here it is:

Bootcamp workouts are by nature set up for working out in groups, however, there is no reason you can’t do these on your own.  There are no exercises in the workouts that require you to need another person, meaning you can do everything by yourself.  The benefit of these workouts over the others in our archived workout pages (here for gym and here for home) is that bootcamp workouts get you outside and allow for more fun, usually with moving between sets of cones and other short sprints/jogs/animal walks.

Simply follow the circuits like you would any other workout. My whole point of this post is to get you thinking outside of the box.  Don’t think you need to be in a class with others for these workouts. Don’t skip the posts and truly check out the workouts to see if you might like them. We have some with no equipment, some with just a few pieces like Medicine Balls.  This summer we have been enjoying using our Clubbells and Slosh Tubes. If you don’t have either of those, check out The Low Cost Gym ebook for free for instructions on how to make you own.

I hope you check out some bootcamp workouts and as always, please feel free to leave comments on the posts, whether they are ramblings like this one or even a post of a workout.

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