Erica’s Outdoor Fitness and updates for Kemme Fitness

I have a lot of updates and news, so instead of dragging them out into a few creative and totally entertaining webposts as usual, I’ll just mash them together for sake of effeciency.

K-Fit App
For starters, the K-Fit App is getting even closer to release. Contracts have been developed and signed. A new publishing company has been created. Handshakes have been made (virtually). I just can’t wait…seriously, this is killing  me. We are literally within days of it being available on the Blackberry market.
Stay tuned for the K-Fit app demo video for a sneak peak!
We want to have a poll as to the next step past the near release on the Blackberry Playbook.  Shane from Angry Ronin Software and I want to hear from you!   Would you like to see the next step on the Apple or the Android platforms?  In order words, do you have an ipad or an adroid tablet, including readers such as a Kindle Fire?  Just leave a comment on this post and we’ll see it.
Erica’s Outdoor Fitness
My friend, Erica Pophal, is running an awesome fitness bootcamp east of Sacramento.  Check out her Facebook page here for more information. If you are anywhere in the area or know anybody who lives in that area, you have to check it out.  But beware….her workouts will be intense!  However, if you love the outdoors and are curious about Functional Fitness, her training is your answer. 
Summer bootcamps
Here I am again on the cusp of a decision.  Last year I tried running a bootcamp in downtown Grand Rapids twice a week.  New folks signed up each week and I had almost 30 total signed up near the end.  However, the problem was nobody was showing up due to a plethora of lame excuses.  To combat this I could always do the usual of charging up front the total bootcamp cost (most likely 6 weeks at a time). 
The other thought was to try out a one day clinic.  I would bring all the fun equipment and make sure everybody who attends leaves with a complete understanding of Functional Fitness, how to use the equipment, proper form on exercises, and instruction on where to begin (ie K-Basic, K-Fit, etc). The point would be after you complete the clinic you can go straight to this site and begin.  You know…teach ’em to fish instead of giving them fish. 
Thoughts on this?  Get folks fish (bootcamp) or teach them to fish (clinic), or just go fishing and call it good for a year!

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  1. Aaron

    Man, I hate to do this to you, but could the app be posted on both platforms? I have an Android phone and both an ipad and a Kindle Fire. I sometimes have to compete with 3 small kids for device time, so having the app available on both platforms would be great for me. But, if I had to choose one right now, I would request Android.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      It is looking like Android is first, then ipad. The superstar programmer I am partnered with has a family and full time job in addition to his part time programming. I’m proud to say he balances his life well, but it means we have to be patient. They will both come

  2. Shane

    Aaron – I can confirm that the Android port will be first, and I plan on releasing it simultaneously for phones and the Kindle Fire. When we get ready to start testing it, we will post an announcement and you can sign up to beta test it.

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