I need a new Functional Fitness goal

I might be in a rut! 

The beginning of 2012 was marked with the design of our 12 week programs. K-Fit was followed by K-Challenge, K-Element, and finally K-Basic. Check out this page for your free copies if you haven’t already. That kept me pretty busy for the first several months of the year.

Going back in history – in years past I have had goals such as: learning gymastic movements, performing a Muscle-up, designing home workouts, helping with weight loss for some folks, all the way to my recent trend of running bootcamps.

Back to 2012. After completing the 12 week programs, I finished my manuscript for a Kemme Fitness book. After some thought, I decided to split it into two (Kemme Fitness User Guide and Functional Fitness Defined) and added them for free to the website as ebooks. That kept me busy for a while and kept my mind off the workouts. For some odd reason, writing about fitness helps me to keep interested in working out.

I am still creating bootcamp workouts and running those, however, I feel I need another goal to keep me motivated.  Mental games are the toughest part of working out. See here for previous posts on the subject.

Since Kemme Fitness is about sharing, I am once again asking for your help to share with me. Give me some good ideas for my next goal. I need something to keep in the game. Just leave a comment on this post. Or you can simply share what goals you have set for yourself recently. Who knows, you may inspire somebody else – including me!

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  1. Lawrence Boivin

    Well my obsession w/ zombie survival is already well documented … BUT … I’ve recently been on an additional “kick” if you will.

    Flexibility. I’ve started incorporating some yoga in my workouts – primarily to gain more flexibility w/ my left shoulder. So far in the past couple of weeks the results have been pretty darn good for me. So now I drink yoga kool-aid & I’m toying with the idea of extending my flexibility goals to thing like: I can touch my toes w/o bending my knees, I can lay my hands flat on the ground w/o bending my knees & so oonand so forth.

    Quite frankly it’s an aspect of my overall fitness that I’ve really ignored since my twenties, so I’m ramping that up again.

    Also I’m toying with the idea of a combat center for working out. It’s not an idea that I will be able to implement for the foreseeable future. It’s going to require a decent chunk of outdoor space: a sort of obsticle course involving multiple tires, a heavy bag, ropes, my sledge hammer, & possibly other melee type “weapons.” It will combine my need to be in top zombiew survival mode & my love of ancient military history. Given what’s going on in my life (selling home, moving, building…) the combat center that I am envisioning probably won’t be up & running until spring 2013 – but hey it’s always positive to have future goals set!

    For now though – I’m going with flexibility & incorportating yoga as much as possible in my routines. ALSO – I am forever tinkering with my WOD music playlist. It is hard to get music that pleases everyone, in fact it’s impossible. BUT, I’m always adjusting it. Due to multiple complaints – my “public” WOD playlist that is played over the stereo system in our little gym has no Insane Clown Posse, Slayer, limited Anthrax, Megadeth & Metallica. 🙁

    1. Kemme Fitness

      First off, I’m glad you are running the group of folks. They are hard to please. I’m not worried about offending them since they never read my blog!!

      I am wondering if you can share some yoga at the gym mixed in for everybody. We could start with adding stretching afterwards (always good) and then even work it into the workouts. Your the creative one, so I’m sure you’ll figure that out if you like the idea. Personally, I could use a little more flexibility, so that sounds awesome.

      I can imagine your zombie training ground now. I can’t wait, although you need an awesome secret squirrel name for the training facility. LIke maybe Clandestine Operation Zombie Extermination Yard (COZEY). Hmmmm. You might want to tweek the name a bit

      1. Dave Hosfelt

        Hey, I am offended twice now..this hard to please guy does read this blog and I steal excercises from it weekly while at WYPD. Also, Lawrence put yoga push ups in yesterday and I really liked them!

  2. Kemme Fitness

    Dave, I do have to say I think you are the only one. Now I’m really curious about Yoga Push-ups!

  3. Lawrence

    On a four day vacation. I’ll update you when I’m back. Till then, enjoy the … uh … suspense?? 🙂

  4. Harvey

    I also read your blog on a regular basis. I also love/hate zombies. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with me but for some reason the more “F-bombs” in a song the more motivated I am to work out harder. On the days that Val doesn’t show up I expect ICP blasting through the speakers.
    Lawrence and Dave- what color yoga pants do wear? If I purchase some I don’t want to get the same color.

    1. Lawrence

      You know as well as I do – from e-mails exchanged between you, me, & Pete that I do NOT wear yoga pants. I prefer to do my yoga naked. Makes a lovely vision when in the downward dog position. As the old saying goes (& if it’s not an old saying, it is now damn it!) real men do yoga naked.

      and … I’m going to stop writing now…….

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