group workouts versus exercising by yourself

Do you workout alone at home or at your gym?  If so, you just might be missing out.

For a number of years when I was first developing and creating Functional Fitness workouts, I was alone in the early morning at the gym here at my work. It was fun at first to let others join in with me because they found what I was doing so interesting. I learned then how much I enjoyed sharing and teaching.

However, there were days when I wished I was alone so I could totally get into the workout and push myself to the limits. When I switched to working out during the noon hour, I completely lost the ability to be alone and the group training with me grew to 4 to 12 people each day. So much for my privacy and the chance to really push myself – you know, me, some awesome music, and the equipment.

Years later and I have had a few days to myself at home for some workouts, but an odd thing happened. I quickly found that I missed having a group with me. I guess this all comes down to goals. If your goal is to push yourself as far as you can go, then maybe working out alone or with somebody who is at the same stage is right for you.

However, if your goal is to stay fit and have fun for years and years, without being bored or burned out, well then group exercising maybe the ticket. You get the accountability we all need. You can’t skip a workout as easily if at all. Plus it is difficult to cheat with people doing the same exercises next to you. If they are going to be doing 50 Scissor Kicks, they aren’t going to let you stop at 40 without harassing you if they know you can do 50.

In addition, you might get some laughs with the complaining or maybe even some extra encouragement when you are feeling tired. All in all, working out in a group can be more long term goal oriented and might be what you need. Pretty much all of the Kemme Fitness workouts can be done in groups, and in fact some of them were designed for it. Just check out the new Bootcamp workouts being added under the At Home workout page.

Maybe you can start a little bootcamp at your house or local school with your friends once a week. I am planning on adding more and more bootcamp workouts to the site that use little or no equipment, so feel free to share those.

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