Roge’s Ramp-up

Here is a treat for you all 🙂

So there we were the other day, finishing up HIIT #2.  We were getting a little bored with the circuits near the end, but knew we had some more in us.  I was going to have us go to the stairwell, but Roger Singleton stepped up.  He then had us do what we later called Roge’s Ramp-up.  Damn wrestlers!

So Roger says, “pick a number like 7 or 8.”  We don’t know what is coming, but of course reply, “8.” 

Here it is: Roge’s Ramp-up

8 Sprawls, then stay down on the last one and do 8 Push-ups.
7 Sprawls, then stay down at the last one and do 7 Push-ups.
continue all the way down to 1.
We took turns who was in charge and we did Stutter Steps until the leader yells “down,” and then we do the Sprawl.
Seems simple, but it is an excellent way to burn you out at the end of a workout.

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