What the $@#! else would I be doing?

Some more great tips from Seth Crooks:

I have some advice. Don’t worry it’s totes free. Whenever you feel like not doing a workout, ask yourself, “What the $#!@ else would I be doing?” This advice is actually quite useful for anything you are not really motivated to get done. Lawn Mowing, making dinner, doing laundry – basically anything that you might be tempted to skip. Workouts definitely fall into this category.

Now for those of you that read that question and said,”Um, like ANYTHING!!!”. You are the ones that I’m talking to. Clarify that ‘anything’. If it’s a legitimate reason like a deadline at work or a promise to help a family member or friend, then fine. BUT… If it’s watch a TV show, play Xbox, relax, or any other self-indulgent activity, then skip THAT activity!

Self-indulgent may sound harsh, and I’m not suggesting that there isn’t a time for TV or relaxing, I’m just saying move it down a notch in your priorities. Sounds like a lot to ask, but you will be glad you did. Benefits of exercising, blah blah blah. 🙂


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