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Kind words from my good friend, Seth Crooks

“As long as I’ve been doing these workouts that our mutual sadistic friend Pete has posted I have reaped the benefits physically. Only recently have the benefits become mental as well. What began as a feeling of accomplishment preceded by STRONG feelings of hate, despair, dread and any other negative feelings a person might have, has blossomed into a healthy addiction. Those last two words may seem like an oxymoron, but I think my addiction to a four workout a week routine is healthy.

The beauty of this format is that there is built in flexibility. Take three days off if you are burned out and you can still get your weeks’ worth in.  Tired of using equipment, use bodyweight exercises. Want to just veg out and not follow a format, go for an urban run and exercise when the mood moves you.

What is my point you ask?

Well it is simply that Mr. Kemme has not only accomplished the difficult task of getting a person into good shape, but also the much more challenging task of making said person enjoy the process and even get involved creatively. Hell, I made a jump rope out of PVC and Duct tape.  I find myself thinking about my next workout throughout the day and actually looking forward to the challenge. 

Enough blabbing, but in short… thanks for the web site and I hope many others enjoy it as much as I have.”

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  1. Ginger


    ….sniff sniff…tear….

    But seriously, well said.

    Thanks for the daily fitness inspirations, videos, advice, and humor.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    I know..he was so flattering that I felt awkward just posting it. I had never seen anybody take to the creativity part of this as he has. He just keeps making up new stuff himself, including exercises and equipment. Ok maybe now that I complimented him, I can feel less awkward 🙂

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