This post will be a combination of my writing and guest thoughts by Seth Crooks.

I encourge others to share their thoughts here at Kemme Fitness, as I do my best to share what I have learned. In this space, my goal has been to help others by sharing the lessons I have learned while creating my own Functional Fitness workout program over the last six or so years. As things have progressed, I have continued to develop and add more and more to this website, which now includes several free 12 week workout programs.

Don’t forget to check out our other free ebooks, or simply check out the categories/archives for hundreds of writings about fitness. This post, however, is the first to address the idea of using humor. I am now addicted to bootcamps, and group workouts in general, and this is mostly due to the enjoyment I get from listening to the bantering and complaining. Most of it is just plain hilarious. For Seth, it hits a different aspect of the mental games we all play while trying to exercise. 

Seth Crooks’ words on humor:

“In life, things go better with a side of humor.  Why not utilize this truth to motivate ourselves to exercise?  Admittedly, laughing uncontrollably while doing any exercise may increase difficulty and ruin form. However, humor is not  just about laughing – it’s about finding reasons to feel good.  When preparing to workout, have a few things in mind that you find humorous. The benefits are twofold. First your mood will automatically be better. Second, you will have less space in your mind for the negative ‘I can’t do it’ thoughts.  As with all of my meandering ramblings, there is no science to back me up. Well, maybe there is, but I haven’t read any. The benefits have only been experienced firsthand, so I thought it was a good decision to share my experience. Go Fitness!! Go Humor!!”

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