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I decided to create a new post category for the blog. 

I was recently talking to a friend of mine, Harvey Barker, who is in the long recovery process from a broken femur.  His experience with therapy and doing our workouts around that injury was quite interesting to me and I asked if he would contribute a post or two for everyone, as his journey might lend a hand to others with leg injuries.

And that got me thinking.  With this new category, I am hoping to elicit some guest posts from folks at all levels and disciplines. It would be great to get some insight from those new to Functional Fitness, as well as those “extreme warriors” out there.  Simply contact me with your posts for consideration. If you have a site related to fitness at all, make sure to include that in your email. Well unless you have a bodybuilding site 🙂

On another related note, I am working on developing an easy-to-follow program for runners – in particular ultra runners.  I discovered that there is a large number of runners coming to the site from Barefoot Running University, the site run by my friend and barefoot running expert, Jason Robillard. This new program will be designed to assist those folks with navigating through all the workouts, since the more workouts I post, the more overwhelming it can be for a newcomer.  Therefore, I am asking for runners to contact me with any suggestions you might have for the new program. I especially could use some direction with what exercises or movements are the most difficult to master, the most needed, and the easiest to start with.  Also I am looking for scheduling insight, such as when crosstraining seems to be used in your preparation for runs (ie. once a week, or just before long runs, etc.).

Please contact me with your suggestions, or feel free to add comments to this post by clicking in the bubble in the upper right of the post.

Pete Kemme

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