A not-so-unbiased guest post about the mental game of exercising and Kemme Fitness

This is a guest post by my friend Seth Crooks. You have to know that we have been friends for almost two decades and he is probably the nicest guy on the entire planet. So take his compliments with that in mind. The reason I agreed to post these latest thoughts is the motivating tone of it.  I still feel awkward of the “Kemme Fitness is great” type rhetoric, but I hope his encouraging words help you to stay in the mental game.

           Sometimes things are harder than they should be. Winter can do that. So can stress. Too much on your plate can do it too.

           I have struggled with these circumstances, as has everyone, but thankfully K-stuff is here for me, and you too! I have been ill (and tired) and not motivated,  but then I check kemmefitness.com and there is today’s workout, just waiting to be started.

           I’ll be honest; I have not had the energy to get as involved with the fitness process as usual. But I have been able to stay true to my goals because Pete has done the prep work. So, while I usually enjoy thinking about how difficult I could make a workout and still finish it, I haven’t felt that way lately. But, lucky me, K-Challenge has kept me in line.

            I think a good long term goal is to make fitness a part of life, much like tooth brushing or hand washing. Then we do not have to rely so heavily on proper motivation. Until that mental transformation occurs, however, we are fortunate enough to have K-Pete to keep us all on track.

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