What every runner needs to know about Kemme Fitness


It is no secret that runners are learning how invaluable it is to engage in cross training, and also many are turning to Kemme Fitness for their resources. 

Why Kemme Fitness?  Well, honestly I’m convinced it is because it is free, requires, little equipment, and can be done without going to the gym.  “Isn’t it because Kemme Fitness workouts are creative and well put together,” you might ask. No, it’s the cost. I know. I’m good with it. I’m not a trend setter, academic, or a guru. I am simply a person with apparently too much free time who likes to share and knows how to maintain and grow a blog.

Ok, back to the topic: What every runner needs to know about Kemme Fitness.

As a runner, you most likely have great cardiovascular capacity.  Depending on how you train  and how you run (trails for example), you may already even have pretty good anaerobic capacity. What does this mean? It means you can most likely complete a highly intense Kemme Fitness workout without running out of oxygen in your lungs.

CAUTION:  This is where I want to warn you and why I wrote this post.

When you start Kemme Fitness, do not do all you think you can do. Cardiovascular endurance and anaerobic capacity are not everything we are targeting. You might even do a whole bunch of push-ups or lift some weights every week, and therefore have some strong muscles as well, but you still need to heed my words of caution.

I guarantee you that Kemme Fitness workouts, which work movements instead of muscles, will inevitably engage muscles you didn’t even know you had. The results if you go all out in the initial crossover are sore muscles and problems to where you might not be able to workout for a week or even get your runs in. I know…I know….don’t cry.

“But I feel like I barely worked out because I wasn’t sweating the entire time and/or my heartrate wasn’t through the roof for 45 minutes.” Again, if you don’t start slowly, you are more in danger of soreness.  Those who don’t run won’t have this issue, because they literally can’t push themselves that hard because they will be out of breath and exhausted way earlier. That means they won’t totally burn out their muscles like runners have the ability to do.


Another note of caution:  Most runners that begin with me have poor core strength. This means their Planks, Bridges, Push-ups, and other exercises are done with poor form. This may cause lower back discomfort and pain. If you can’t hold a Front Bridge or Physioball Bridge for 45 seconds with perfect alignment from your feet through your head, then you need to accept that you might have to take it easy with exercises until that core strength is there. It will come, but do not overdo exercises with poor form. Simply pay extra attention and if you break form, then stop the exercise and move on.

This is a compliment runners out there. You are in great shape. Just know that this can falsely give you the impression how easy these workouts are. Just take it slow, keep your ego in check, and make sure you never get too sore to get your beloved miles in.

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  1. Fast moving Zombies scare me

    You know it’s a two way street though. Kemme Fitness folks should do some running as well – both long distance & sprinting. If only to prep for the upcoming Zombie Rising.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    In that case, all sprints are done with either a sledgehammer in your hand or a crossbow if you have one. Just saying

  3. Slow moving zombies don't scare as much

    That goes w/o saying. But on the serious side of fnc fitness – sprinting is a must. Long distance certainly has it’s benefits, but nobody does any sprinting & if your goal is complete fnc fitness (& keeping up w/ your kids!) then you should consider adding some sprints in there!

  4. Kemme Fitness

    FYI, my At Home workouts, especially K-Bootcamp have a great deal of sprints built in. We just don’t get that luxury at work unless you bring us up to the third floor. I still hate killers though 🙂

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