The four dimensions of Functional Fitness

This post is essentially a repost from one half a year ago. The reason for this is to lay out a reminder of what I use to define Functional Fitness. Below are the 4 dimensions I have settled on in my defintion. For anybody using the resources here or on other Functional Fitness sites, it is imperative you understand the foundation behind your exercise program.

Functional Fitness dimension #1: FF is core centered
        This one is self-explanatory. I am firm believer that a strong core is essential to achieving a level of fitness, as you are as weak as your weakest link. A strong core means you are less likely to injury, have better balance, posture, and strength. Read past posts to learn more about your core. Or better yet, download Functional Fitness Defined for free!
Functional Fitness dimension #2: FF is not just about functional strength
        What I mean here is that some people feel that having total body functional strength is the key to fitness. They are not wrong, but they are only partially right. Other aspects of fitness in addition to strength are agility, timing, balance, coordination, agility, power, endurance, flexibility, and stamina (among others). These other aspects of fitness are not neglected in a Functional Fitness program.
Functional Fitness dimension #3: FF programs work movements, not muscles
       This is also not a new concept, but is still a very important one. Your brain does not recognize individual muscles, as it does recognize movement patterns. Functional Fitness helps your body and mind to work together to activate ALL the muscles needed to do a task effeciently and effectively. This is essential to reduce injury as we do simple life tasks, especially as we age.
Functional Fitness dimension #4:  FF frequently utilizes HIIT
       HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become a new buzz term, mostly because of the increasing amount of research in favor of it.  Basically this means that you do intense circuits with a quick break. These intervals are repeated so in one example it would mean that instead of just jogging on the treadmill, you are sprinting and stopping, sprinting and stopping, etc.
Together, these 4 dimensions form the groundwork for everything we do here at Kemme Fitness. Other programs may tweek the definition some, but Functional Fitness programs tend to have these goals in mind.
As you bop around the website and use the free resources, just keep these dimensions in mind. This is especially important if you mix in other types of workouts. You don’t have to “drink my Kool-aid,” but if you want to know my foundation, here it is clearly defined.

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