Post Vacation Laziness

I don’t know if everybody hits a slump here and there, but I am definitely in a fitness slump. 

Well, I suppose it is not really a slump, since that word has a negative connotation. I am not sad that I am in this “slump.”  In fact, I am enjoying things quite immensely. I have been back from my family vacation for over three weeks now and I am still not back into my groove.

I normally work out four times a week, which is each day I work.  The main reason is the free gym at my job (yes I’m a cheap bastard).  But also, I feel that with high intensity trainings, that anything more than four days a week can be counterproductive. 

Unfortunately, I am barely at a three-day-a-week regiment. I am still eating and drinking too much. Something tells me that the Zone Diet would not put wheat beers as a “good” carb. If only it was—I’ll be kicking butt! At this point, I can still fit into my clothes, but it’s not as pretty, that’s for sure.  I am just having so much fun eating and relaxing and not taking things too seriously.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that having some ups and downs is good for that mental game we all play with our exercising. However, at some point, I need to set some new goals and get back to it.

Do I use vanity to my advantage again? The short Michigan summers start in June and I could be in a bathing suit I suppose.

Do I get toned back up for the sake of my wife?  She is beautiful and in good shape (I know…I don’t know why she married me either).  Should I do it for her?

Do I drop those few pounds to make sure I don’t have to buy new clothes? Remember, I am a cheap bastard.

What would be a good goal to get up off my butt, and to stop shoving Oberons, Hacker Pschorrs, and cookies down my throat?

I’m up for ideas. What do you do to get motivated?

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  1. Ken

    My question is where are you finding Oberons this time of year??!?! Tell me! 🙂

    1. kemmefitness

      Now that you say it, I have only able to get Blue Moon lately. You work in a college town, you should be able to dig some up!

  2. Lawrence

    I look at your fat a$$ to get motivated. 🙂

    Or I watch 300. Or I watch some UFC.

    1. Harvey

      watching 300 makes me want to paint fake abs on my belly

  3. Lawrence

    Seeing your painted on fake abs, makes me want to draw an ultra cool cop-stach under my nose.

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