New warm-up page coming to Kemme Fitness

Recently, I added the Bonus Circuit page to Kemme Fitness in order to give folks a little extra in case the workout they completed was just not enough for them that day.

In the same light, I am going to be adding a Warm-up page here on our Functional Fitness program. I have written about warming up and I have up to this point placed the burden on warming up to the individual. The upcoming K-Fit app will have some warm ups added for ease of use and that inspired me to throw some onto the website.

Note: There are some occasional workouts here that have warm-ups built into them with the first circuit. However, if you look at the first circuit of one of our workouts and think, really?  20 Burpees to start out?  Well that might be the time you want to hop on over to the new Warm-up page and grab a quick warm-up circuit to get you moving.


Warming up in general is very important, especially depending on the time of day you exercise (mornings are at higher risk for injury if you don’t warm up). This is not something you should skip. I can only apologize for not doing this years ago!

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