K-Fit is underway

Are you trying out K-Fit? 

If you haven’t started, click here and download the free 12 Functional Fitness workout program. I am in the middle of week 1 myself.  Because so many people have been interested in the program, I decided to join along. So when I get comments about doing Animal Walks in the second workout, I am at least there with you. Plus, I have a new group of four guys at work who wanted to start out the year with a program and I’m walking them through it.

It warms my heart to see the rest of the crew chugging along on their own so I can go through the program with our newest members.

This made me realize how some of you out there may have questions along the way. I wish I could be standing next to you (or doing Bear Walks next to you) to guide you as you go. Instead we have the links to video demonstrations for the exercises. I just want you to remember a few tips though.

If an exercise causes pain or discomfort, replace it with something off the Exercise page

If you can’t afford a Kettlbell, a dumbbell may fill in. It won’t be a perfect replacement, but could get you through.

You can always email me at kemmestudios@altelco.net if you have any questions.

Just make sure you don’t skip Pull-ups and Push-ups, even if you can only do a few instead of the number asked for in the workout.

I hope you are enjoying K-Fit. We would love to hear back any feedback you have.  I’ll keep you posted on my progression through the weeks as well. Feel free to check on us at Facebook for updates.

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  1. Shane

    I just wrote my only slightly biased review of the first two weeks of the program. You can see it on my blog. The short review is “So far, so good. Challenging. Want more cardio.” 🙂

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