K-Bootcamp is a free Functional Fitness bootcamp

K-Bootcamp is the 5th in our series of free 12 week Functional Fitness programs, each one designed for a specific purpose. The purpose of K-Bootcamp is to allow both trainers and ordinary folks to run group workouts. The only equipment needed for the entire program is a Medicine Ball for each person. You can often find lighter-weighted Medicine Balls on sale, or download The Low Cost Gym for instructions on making your own.

There are 24 unique workouts in K-Bootcamp and it is set up to have 4 workouts a week for 12 weeks (you end up doing each workout twice).  However, trainers sometimes only run bootcamps once or twice a week, so that will give them flexibility with the scheduling. One option is simply not to repeat any workouts and do 24 workouts in 12 weeks.

Whichever way you choose to utilize K-Bootcamp, I hope you get enjoyment out of the group workout atmosphere. Maybe some of you will even make a little money (I don’t mind that either).

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