How to adjust a workout if it is too lower or upper body heavy for you that particular day

I boast that Kemme Fitness is a total body Functional Fitness program. My goal would be that each day you work out that you utilize your entire body, working great complex movements, but yet movements that are typical in daily life. Hence the term “Functional Fitness.”

However, I am well aware (I should say painfully aware) that some of our workouts just seem to attack a certain part of your body more than the rest.  For example, Push-up Challenge, the workout does tend to make you feel like your chest is spent and no longer usable for a few days.  Sorry, it is just hard to avoid doing too many Push-ups in a workout called Push-up Challenge.  Let’s say, though, that the next day is a day you have scheduled a workout. You really are not going to want to do another “chest heavy” workout.  What to do?  What to do?

Here is a great tip to help you out.  I suggest that you try a little trick of doubling and halving.  What I mean is make sure you half the repetitions needed for any exercise that calls for you doing Push-ups, such as Burpees, etc.  In return, however, you have to double any repetitions for exercises using your legs.  You don’t need to double every other exercise in the workout, but definitely double enough to give you a full complete workout.

Here is a specific example of what to do with a workout you have scheduled the day after you completed the Push-up Challenge workout.  Below is the original workout.  I added in bold the changes I made to the repetitions. Notice how I didn’t double or half everything, but definitely took the pressure off my chest to let it rest a bit. Good luck and enjoy the tip.

10 Roll, sit up, stand up, twist or tuck.
10 – each side – Scorpion push ups <5>
10 Inchworm <5>
10 Quad squats
10 – each side – Frog to side plank
10 Burpee <5>
10 Psycho push ups <5>
10 – each side – Pistols <20>
10 Pike push ups <5>
10 Tuck Jumps <20>
10 Air Squats <20>
10 Hindu Push-ups <5>
10 Squat Jumps <20>
10 Hindu Squats <20>
10 – each side – Mountain Climbers
10 – each side –  Split Squat Jumps <20>
10 Frog Jumps
10 Rowboat <20>
10 – each side – Roll
10  – each side – Core Burpee <5>
10 Muslim pray
10 – each side – Brazilian Crunch
10  Burpees <5>
10 – each side – Twist Push-ups <5>
10 – Leg Raises <20>
10 Tuck Burpee <5>

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