Functional Fitness survey results

The results are in!

I decided to tally the results from the responses to the earlier post I had on April 5th about how do you workout.  The purpose of the survey was to determine who was using this site so I could tailor it more to the audience. There were two dimensions to the survey.

#1 was to determine where you physically do your workouts.  You know, at home, a gym, etc.

#2 was to determine what type of program you were doing before checking out Kemme Fitness. That was more to compare if you were a runner, body builder, Crossfitter, etc.

The survey sample was not a very large population, which is no surprise if you look at statistics on survey responses in general. So, since the population was low, I will be careful not to make any haste decisions. The general theme, however, is that there are many who do not work out in a gym.  5 times as many responded that they work out at home! 

Runners did beat out bodybuilders and those who previous did not exercise, but not by much. 

So what does this mean for Kemme Fitness? To me, it means that my plan for 2011 seems to be right on track.  I will continue to provide workouts for those at the gym, but I need to continue to focus on more creative formats and exercises to do at home with limited equipment.  Fortunately for me, I have a partner to try new workouts out at home for the summer…well at least 1 day a week (I bet you didn’t know what you signed up for Seth!). 

At home, I have a couple medicine balls, a lightweight barbell, a Pull-up bar, a Physioball, and Devon, my slosh tube. Don’t forget, it does not take much to put heavy junk in a bag.  The more awkward the better. And don’t worry, I will not expect you all to have a slosh tube (your missing out though) so I will not put a Slosh Tube into every workout.

If you want to share with me what equipment you have at home, I can tailor make some workouts for you.  Just comment on this post or contact me with requests.  I am here to share and you just might give me some new inspiration. 

You can even let me know your strengths and weaknesses, so I can focus on that and make the workout a more likely chance for being a successful one for you.

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  1. Ginger

    Thanks for your site…I’m a runner/horse-back rider.
    I work out mostly at home and have a “Power Tower”. (It has a multi-grip pullup bar, push-up handles, and a tricep dip/abs station.) It’s fun to play on, and I’m interested in more body weight workouts on my equipment that even a beginner can do. I am currently getting over an injury so you might want to include posts with mild rehabilitative exercises to help the clutzes of the world, like myself, remain active.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    Good point…since I personally can’t go a year without going to the doctor for an injury (none of them related to working out). Let’s see. 5 years ago I accidentally cut off my left hand ring finger (oops). I’ve split my head open, split my nose open, and most recently -only 2 weeks ago – I sprained the ligament of my Quad where it attaches to the inside of my knee. I did that while playing with my kids at an aquatic center. Apparently Functional Fitness can’t fix clutziness!

    I’ll work on getting more workouts for you, or have alternatives explained. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the Beginner’s page under the Workouts tab above.

  3. Lawrence

    Here’s an exercise you can do at home. Works out speed, hand-eye coord, endurance, & mental toughness:

    changing poopy diapers at 3 am. 🙂

    1. Harvey

      Lawrence, I’m glad to hear you’re finally changing them yourself. However, if you stop eating so much before bed you probably won’t poop in the middle of the night. Someday you’ll be out of those diapers.

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