Exercise equipment checklist

I wanted to write a quick post (well quick for me maybe) on what I consider important equipment, from nessecity down to wish list items.


Essentials:  These are in probably every gym – Barbells, Dumbbells, Pull-up bar.

Even Better:  Physioball, Medicine Ball(s), Cables

Wish List:  Heavy Rope, Kettlebells, Rings, Heavy Bag (like boxers have)



Essentials:  Medicine Ball, Physioball, Pull-up bar

Even Better:  Clubbell, Heavy Weight (ie sand bag), Some other types of weights such as Barbell or Dumbbells

Wish List:  Slosh Tube, Macebell, Mini Slosh Tube, Heavy Bar, Rings, Parallettes, Heavy Bag (like boxers have), large Tire, Heavy Rope

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