New Heavy Bar exercises for the Apollo 1000 workout

I am still going to tease you about the Apollo 1000 workout, Seth Crooks’ new workout using his homemade Heavy Bar and his homemade heavy jump rope. This a great workout to do at home.  But before I post the workout, I wanted to highlight some of the new exercises.

There are Heavy Bar Presses, Heavy Bar Squats, and Heavy Bar Floor Wipers. These are pretty normal (ish) exercises that are usually done with a barbell. Believe me, they are a whole different animal with the Heavy Bar.

We do have some Lunge Twists that I will post about later, but for the Apollo 1000, just do a typical lunge while holding the Heavy Bar. We call simply it a Heavy Bar Lunge.

Normally we do not do very many curls here at Kemme Fitness, as they are usually muscle isolating, but you have to try a Heavy Bar Curl. Not your average Preacher Curls!

Finally, we have an exercise Seth made up just for his new Heavy Bar.  It is called Heavy Bar Wall Touches.  And you will see by the video that you can do the normal, or do the Row Boat Wall Touch variation.

Stay tuned for more Heavy Bar exercises and workouts.  Also, we are in the development of many new mini Slosh Tube variations that hopefully will be easier to obtain/create and to use in more locations.

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