New exercises and a U2 song

If you have checked out the Exercise page, then you know that we link videos to each and every exercise that we do here at Kemme Fitness. I searched…and I searched…and I searched for videos to show the various movements. When I couldn’t find a video, I made one. I just realized that I am at almost 100 videos made!

My videos were made in waves. The first group were done with very minimal editing (sorry). There was no music – just the sound of me alone on my driveway. Man that was bad! So fortunately I added some music and editing for the next batch and I chose a cool U2 song intro for the videos. Well, I happen to be a huge U2/bono fan and so I kept with the tradition.

I have changed the look of the videos through the months. I went through the stage where it started with a photo of me carrying a log and a chain saw…you know – Functional Fitness. Well I then went to the gray “urban underground” feel that was what my site used to look like. That was used for a large batch of exercise videos. But I had recently changed the website and added the new logo, so this last batch had to match that.

And yes…I had to keep with a U2 song. This one is brought to you from their album Zooropa. I know…the album sort of sucked, but the song intro is pretty cool.

So here 3 of the exercise videos I added to our tool box. There will be more to come.

Plank 1 Arm Touch

1 Leg Push-ups

Scissor Kicks

Let me know what you think of the videos. Or just leave  a comment about what you think of my choice of U2 songs. Any ideas for the next batch?

By the way…don’t move around so much with the Plant 1 Arm Touch. You need to maintain a rock solid Plank for the movement. So much for me showing perfect form!  🙂

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