Here are a few new exercises for our tool box

I had been saving up a list of exercises that I have been using, but have not had a video to link to for the site.  Check them out below.  Feel free to start substituting them in some of your workouts.  Plus you will see them start to show up in new workout posts.

DONKEY KICKS – I have three kinds here.  The subtle difference between the regular Donkey Kick and the Gymnastic Donkey Kick is that the regular is not very high and is rapid, while the Gymnastic puts you into a Handstand (well close to one anyway).

1 LEG OVER THE LINE – I replaced the other version of this I had already.

INVERTED MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS – I love these. Don’t forget to check out the Physioball Mountain Climbers for another variation.

1 ARM THRUSTERS – Obviously you can switch up the dumbbells for medicine balls or whatever object you so desire.  Just dont’ let it land on your head!

DEADLIFT BURPEES – Safety issue:  Watch you back with heavy weight since you are bending over farther than you would with a barbell. Don’t round your back!

WILD BEAR WALK – This is cool as hell.  You just have to see it. Oh, but try to be more courteous to others than I am in the video.

I will have some more coming your way soon.

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