another workout treat from my friend Roger

Last year, we were finishing up a Functional Fitness workout here at work when we realized we needed a touch more to finish us off.  I can’t remember how big the group was that day, but my friend, Roger (a wrestler by nature) shared a little something with us and I posted about it here.

Well, Roger did it again for us.  We had done 4 rounds of the last circuit in Core #23. I was planning on doing as many rounds as the group was up for when somebody requested we do something different (they were sick of the Air Squats).  Roger again spoke up and the results were cruel and unusual punishment.

He had us get into two groups, facing each other. Group #1 got into a Front Plank, while group #2 did ten Push-ups. The video link for Front Plank/Bridge has the person using his forearms. Some of us stayed up on our hands as in the top part of a Push-up.  Either way is painful by the end.

So, yes you guessed it…we switched and group #1 did the 10 Push-ups while group #2 held the plank.

Without rest, we repeated the cycle with 9 Push-ups, then 8, then 7, etc until we did 1.  Miserable! Utterly miserable! 

I can’t wait to do it again

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