This year, the Clubbell has won out as my favorite piece of homemade equipment

clubbbells 003a

I’ve written about my homemade Clubbells before here . Last year, I used them in my bootcamp I ran along the Grand River just north of downtown Grand Rapids.

I have enjoyed many other fine pieces of equipment. There are the typical Physioballs, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Pull-up Bars, and Cables. In additional to those, we have the more – shall we say – unique pieces of equipment such as Slosh Tubes, Macebells, Parallettes, Heavy Bars, and Sandbags. So why are the Clubbells my favorite?

There are a few things about the Clubbell that edge it out. For starters, it is a great tool for working your core. Yet, so are Physioballs and Slosh Tubes. They are easy to make. Yet, so are Slosh Tubes and Pull-up Bars. What stands out most, however, is the kindness to your joints. When I use the Clubbell, my joints and muscles don’t start burning out during the workout. In contrast, a Slosh Tube can burn out your shoulders quite quickly. This allows for a great workout without having to stop or slow down because you lack some strength. Then, you can’t help but feel a hour later like your total body got toned. Hint: that’s because you did work your total body.

So there it is: easy to make, works your core, easy on your joints, works the whole body also.  Oh, and you can’t just help but feel like a warrior swinging it around!

And here is a list of Clubbell exercise links if you aren’t familiar with the movements:

Alternating Shield Cast
Barbarian Press
Barbarian Squat
Front Circle
Front Pendulum
Front Swing Hand Switch
Inside Pendulum
Lunge Walk
Mill (short for windmill)
Mill (another version)
Outside Pendulum
Rear Lunge Pendulum
Side Lunge Pendulum
Side Semi
Side Swing
Torch Press
Turkish Get-up
Two Handed Press

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