The growing industry of Functional Fitness

Almost a year ago I wrote about my predictions for the future of Functional Fitness. click here to see the post.

Essentially I predicted the trend of Functional Fitness programs increasing, which I believe is occuring.  For a definition of Functional Fitness, read my free ebook Functional Fitness Defined (a quick read).

I do see this increase, especially in the popularity of new local fitness programs, which would fall under the Functional Fitness umbrella. Just search the internet in your area and I can almost guarantee you will see plenty of options of TRX classes and outdoor bootcamps. Not all bootcamps are Functional Fitness, however, the majority seem to fall under this because they involve very dynamic movements, which even if are not advertised, tend to be core-centered. Animal walks, medicine balls, sandbags, and other similar equipment are usually on the menu with these bootcamps.


Why are they popular? They are relatively safe, easy to organize, cost less, take less time, and work your whole body. Gyms are not going out of business, but these low cost options are finding a niche for sure.

This brings me to another observation I am seeing. Not only is there a rise in Functional Fitness programs, but I see other moves in that direction. Gyms are adding Kettlebells, Physioballs, and Medicine Balls at a steady pace. I see this as intelligent posturing by fitness clubs, who recognize what is popular and are trying to capitalize on it. The benefit is an increased array of equipment used by Functional Fitness folks being available in more places. Win – Win.

I am hoping 2013 brings in even more education and awareness of the importance of the 4 Dimensions of Functional Fitness. One can only hope.

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