How to make a homemade Mini Slosh Tube

There are several ways to make a Mini Slosh Tube. For me, it depends on what I have lying around my yard because homemade equipment is about saving money.

The only important aspects of a Mini Slosh Tube are that it has to be a small enough diameter to use with one hand – so 2″ works well. Also it should not be too long, I’d say around 4′ so you can do the various exercises.

Harvey Barker put an screwable end cap on his. I did not have one of those lying around, so I opted for cement end caps. To cement a PVP pipe, you want to make sure the cement has something to grab onto. To solve this issue, I put 3 screws into the end of the PVP, so the screws stick into the inside area for the cement to grab onto.

STEP 1:  Put screws into 1 end of the PVC pipe.

STEP 2:  Set the PVP pipe on end on a piece of wood or something and pour about 4″ or so of cement into the pipe.  Make sure the level of cement is higher than the screws, so water can’t leak out where you put the screws. Let it dry. You will then have one end capped.

STEP 3:  Fill it 1/2 to 2/3 full of water.  You should be able to eyeball this, so it will be a lot easier than the traditional 10′ long Slosh Tube.

STEP 4:  Here is the tricky part. How to cement the other end without the cement falling into the water.  I duct taped a plastic bag and piece of cardboard to create a sort of catch for the cement. I made sure to add the 3 screws higher than the plastic was taped. If not, water will sneak behind the plastic and out around your screws.

STEP 5:  Fill the end slowly with cement so as to not dislodge your plastic/cardboard catch. The cement will then fill up past that, past the screws and flush with the top.  Let ‘er dry.

STEP 6: Finishing touches:  If you find that somehow water leaks out one of your screw holes, use PVC cement and seal it up. Also I duct taped the ends to cover the screw heads to protect my hands.

STEP 7:  Name your Mini Slosh Tube…because you get to name all your homemade equipment. Check out Mini Me below:

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