Homemade Macebell and Mini Slosh Tube

Harvey is still working on some variations of smaller Slosh Tubes and things similar to a Homemade Mace (or Mace Bell) and/or a Heavy Club.  But today was my day off and so I meandered over to my pole barn. Lo and behold I found a few items of use. I had a 2″ diameter PVC pipe about 4′ long. I had a rake handle that was 5′ long. I had a blown open Medicine Ball that split at the seems from doing Medicine Ball Slams. Finally, I realized that I didn’t need that whole bag of cement to erect the tetherball pole for my daughter’s up and coming birthday.

I know, right?!

Or do you still not know what I was up to? It’s ok if you have no idea. I don’t expect everybody else to be as giddy as I am today. Maybe you will be more interested when I get to my point and explain what I did (sorry…still just so excited!).

I put a screw into the side of the PVC pipe an inch from the bottom. Then I stood the PVC pipe on end and filled the bottom 3 or so inches full of cement. The screw is there to make sure the cement grabs. When it dries, I will have an extremely cheap (and heavy) end cap for the PVC pipe. After that, I am going to fill it with water half way or so and cement a cap at the other end (I’ll explain more on that later in a specific post). 

The result: A Mini Slosh Tube!   Hee hee heee (still giddy).

Oh, but that’s not all. I then cut a hole in the Medicine Ball big enough to fill the entire inside full of cement. Then I simply stuck the 5′ rake handle into it like a toothpick in a jello shot. When it dries, I’ll simply remove the Medicine Ball shell and have a Homemade Mace Bell.

Still not wetting your pants with excitment?

Well, just wait. Once you see the new exercises we are going to share with you using our new equipment, you might have to bring an extra pair of shorts!

Oh, and did I mention that I hadn’t gone to the store to buy a thing for both of these pieces of equipment? And I imagine if I did go, I still wouldn’t have a large bill. A half bag of cement, a small cheap piece of PVC, and a rake handle. Don’t have a split open Medicine Ball? Just steal one of your kids’ old blow up balls instead. Saving money…now that has to get you going 🙂


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