Designing a fitness blog is challenging

I am not sure whether to thank or curse my good friend, Jason Robillard, at Barefootrunninguniversity. It was at his encouragement that I started this blog last year. I do have to say that it has been a riot. I have enjoyed the comments and feedback I have received simply for sharing what I have learned through the last several years.

I say that running a fitness blog is challenging for a few reasons. On one hand, it is necessary to provide new material (posts) on a regular basis in order to make the blog of value. But on the other hand, the more information I post and add to various pages on the blog, the more difficult it becomes to navigate. I realize that it is getting difficult to move around the site at times.

I have tried to combat this by creating new menu tabs at the top and by creating things like K-Crosstrain, which was designed to slowly introduce runners and ultra runners to cross training.

Another challenge comes when I have new exercises that I am excited to use. Sounds great, except when you are making up the exercise there are no videos on the internet to link to. That forces me to make my own videos, which is time consuming. Remember, life is about balance!  Especially when you have two young kids at home.

Plus, since I’m so cheap, I don’t pay the extra fees to be able to upload my own videos (this is a wordpress blog).  That leaves me with having to upload videos to and then link to them there. Not a big deal, but it is just one more step added to the process. Plus it would look a lot cooler if I had the video directly on the site, instead of words with a hyperlink.  Sorry!

Well, I am trying hard to keep this site usable. So if you have any suggestions, please contact me or comment on this post.

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  1. Gary

    I appreciate the time and work you are putting in to maintain this site. Since being introduced to Kemme Fitness through the Barefoot Running University site, it has quickly become may hand downs favorite fitness locale on the net. Keep up the great work!

  2. kemmefitness

    Gary, I greatly appreciate your positive comment. Let me know if there are any styles or exercises you want to see put into a workout, or what equipment you have access to, and I’ll try to get a new workout or two for you.

  3. Sherry

    Grade A stuff. I’m unquesitonlbay in your debt.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      Sherry, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate the support

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