Variations on the Push-up…your expanding tool box

A Push-up is a Push-up…right? Well in England they have historically called it a Press-up. We have been using the word “Push-up” in America since 1905/1910.

If you are new to the site and have not seen the Exercise page, just click on the link or click on the page above and you will notice that I currently have 17 types of Push-ups.  Some are well known, some less known, some made up. There are a few reasons for this. The obvious reason is that it provides variety of movement to combat boredom. And we all know all too well how much a fitness program is about mental games, especially over a longer period of time.

Another reason for the variations are because they actually work different muscles or different muscle combinations, if only so slightly. Just do a bunch of Push-ups with your hands placed on the ground shoulder width apart. Then do a bunch with your hands touching in the diamond formation. You will see for yourself that you will experience fatigue in different locations. Plymometric type Push-ups are more dynamic and engage more muscles. Just try the Psycho Push-up or the all mighty Spinning Push-up if you don’t believe me.

Is one better than the other?  I don’t think so. I think that there is a place for each and every one of those. And sometimes I switch around right in the middle of the workout. Maybe I am fatiguing too fast, so I downgrade from a Spiderman Push-up to a regular Military Push-up. Or conversely, maybe my workout was not as challenging as I thought and I get a burst of energy, so I switch from a Close Grip Push-up to a Plyometric Push-ups. Having more in the your toolbox allows for you to adjust when needed.

Another benefit comes when you share with others. Maybe you have somebody who can’t perform the more difficult Push-ups, so you can downgrade the movement to a more easy one, while keeping the format the same.

Here is the list of Push-ups:

Uneven Push-up
Plyometric Push-up
Psycho Push-up
Close Grip Push-up
Aztec Push-up
Twist Push-up
Sidestep Push-up
One Arm Push-up
Scorpion Push-up
Grasshopper Push-up
Military Push-up
Spiderman Push-up
Plyo Spiderman Push-ups
Pike Push-up
Hindu Push-up
Spinning Push-up
Push-ups are one of the core exercises I use in my program. They require no equipment, are easy to do in good form, and beginners can always start there. Don’t forget they can put their knees down if they lack upper body strength. There is always a place for Push-ups.  The next time you work out, make sure you have at least one type in there.  You won’t regret it…the benefits are huge.
A Push-up just a Push-up?  No way!!

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