At a loss of what exercise to do…go animalistic

Have you ever experienced a workout that was just too short?  No?  Ok…maybe you have been in the middle of a workout and realized that it just plain sucks and you can’t imagine finishing it. Or maybe you are just too sick and tired of doing Clean & Presses, or Pull-ups, etc. 

Do you need some exercises to use in a pinch (read it in your best infomercial voice)?

If you need a pick-me-up, or something to spice your day up, then go animalistic. Yes that’s right. Become an animal. Animal walks are great exercises to fill in anywhere. You can do a timed set of them, such as 30 seconds of Frog Jumps and then 30 seconds of a Crab Walks. Or if your workout ends too soon, just go around the hallway – or wherever you are – from one walk to the other about every 10 feet or so. If you are working out with others, do it in a follow-the-leader fashion. Not enough?  Then do the Wild Bear Walk instead of a Bear Walk. Or better yet, do a Bear Walk down a flight or 6 flights of stairs. Believe me, that is an awesome way to finish out a workout!

Below are the currently posted animal walks on Kemme Fitness.

We even have a  workout that are centered around animal walks:

Animal Walk Workout

And there is one other benefit of doing animal walks in a gym or out in a playground area…people will stop and stare and even make comments such as, “what the heck is he doing?” or “she is nuts.” And let’s be honest…that is cool!

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