A Very Special Exercise Called Virtual Loading and Unloading

This exercise is very special to me. I think it is special because it symbolizes my attempt at create the perfect movement. See…Kemme Fitness is about Functional Fitness. 

My wife and I were talking the other day about farmer’s years ago before the invention of the multitude of farm equipment. These farmers were in great shape, full of Functional Fitness. They were that way because everyday they lifted stuff, threw stuff, hammered crap, shoveled…well shoveled crap, hoisted bails of hay, etc.  What we are trying to do is to replicate their work day in our workout program. That way, whenever we need to run around and play with our kids, or carry a piece of OSB board, we can do so without getting hurt or exhausted.

That brings me to Virtual Loading and Unloading.  I wanted to create a movement that would simulate real life work. So I decided to use a barbell and grab it off the ground, manuever it around the posts of a rack and then set it up on a “shelf.”  The purpose was to simulate the grabbing of something heavy and walking awkwardly with it and then putting it on a shelf. Sound like stuff you do around your house?  That is the point.

Now in the video, I do not have heavy weight here so it looks a little cheesy, but you get the point. Just make sure not to round your back when you lift the weight off the ground. Basically, do a proper Clean and then walk around awkwardly until you can spin the barbell and set it on the hooks. Then take it back down.

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