Two Person at the Track #2

My friend, occasional workout partner, and CEO of Barefoot Running University, Jason Robillard, and I did this one this morning.  It was his idea – apparently he is also a sadomasochist!
By the way, his 2nd addition of the Barefoot Running Book is coming out very soon.
Jason asked me for a warm up.  I had brought Carl, my 20 lb sand filled medicine ball.  Don’t forget, you get to name your homemade equipment!  I placed Carl on the ground on the track in front of the bleachers. I started on the opposite side of Jason and Carl.  I yelled “Go” and we ran around to the other side. Jason did 10 Burpees near where I started, while I did 10 Medicine Ball Sit up, Stand up Slams. We continued running until we got to where we started. I then did the 10 Burpees and he did the MB Sit up Stand up Slams.  We rinsed and repeated it two more times.
Ok, now for Jason’s idea.  We ran (ok walked) around the track with a sandfilled bag, while the other person went up and down the bleachers with the Slosh Tube.  The first round was with a underarm carry in front with the bag.  I would not recommend that one for anybody without a strong back. The first round with the Slosh Tube was in an overhead locked out position.  Round one sucked so bad, we decided that rounds 2 and 3 were any style carry we could. As far as the bag, it was mostly on one shoulder or the other. Anything went with the Slosh Tube. 
We were spent by the end of the third round, but finished it off with 6 Medicine Ball passes and sprawls using Carl.  Basically we stood about 6-10 yards away from each other. One person would chest pass Carl and then Sprawl before Carl came back to him.   
By the way, Jason weighed the sand bag in at 74 pounds!
3 laps on the track.
10 Burpees on one side
10 Medicine Ball Sit up Stand up Slams (20 lbs) on other side
Slosh Tube overhead carry (person #1)
74lb Sand Bag curl position carry (person #2)
Slosh Tube carry – any type of carry (person #1)
74 lb Sand Bag on shoulder carry – can switch sides (person #2)
Rinse and Repeat the 2nd round for 3 rounds total.
Medicine Ball Chest Pass and Sprawl (20 lbs)


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  1. Lawrence

    How come the slosh pipe doesn’t have a name? Won’t that hurt it’s feelings? Does Carl brag & make it feel bad?

    1. kemmefitness

      Good Point. Fortunately for Carl, the Slosh Tube was made by Jason, so I hope he won’t hold it against me. Jason does need to name it though because it is my favorite piece of equipment at the moment – don’t tell Carl!

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